4 Tips on How to Incorporate Vintage into your Wardrobe

Last week I had the opportunity to work on a video segment with Vintage Tex and Eye Opener TV. We talked about how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe for 2017. Myself along with Style of Sam and Tanya Foster pulled a few pieces to showcase during the segment and how we would style each look. It was so fun to see the pieces they pulled and how they styled them. Be sure to check out our video segment at the bottom of this post! I guarantee it is easier than you think and I’m giving you a few basic tips below to show you how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe!

how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe - red and white polka dot top with denim jacket how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe - red and white polka dot top with denim jacket Vintage Tex Grapevine


If you’re new to vintage, accessories are an easy place to start. It’s hard to go wrong with incorporating a fun clutch or pair of earrings into your outfit (Vintage Tex has a great selection of accessories and we’ll be giving away some over on Instagram today!).

1 piece

Start with one vintage piece. You never want to wear head to toe vintage because nine times out of ten you would probably look like you’re wearing a costume and none of us want that. The safest way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe is to start with one piece (like I did with the white and red polka dot top) and keep everything else your own.

Keep it Simple

As much as I love a good mix of prints in an outfit, when first incorporating vintage into your wardrobe I would recommend keeping it simple. The top I’m wearing is a colorful, fun print so I kept the rest simple with skinny jeans, pumps and a draped denim jacket. I made it more my style and on trend by adding a choker statement necklace (my favorite!).

Ignore the Sizes

Do not be discouraged if you do not fit into your “normal size” at a vintage store. As Tanya mentioned in our segment, clothes were made much differently back then and did not include lycra. You’ll notice a lot of the pieces you try on might not have very much stretch. I encourage you to ignore the sizes and try on as many pieces as you can!

how to wear vintage - vintage tex grapevine how to wear vintage - vintage tex grapevine

Don’t forget, just like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. You’d be surprised at how many pieces you may come across in a vintage store that are actually “on trend” today. Like I mentioned in the segment below, no one even realized my white and red polka dot top was vintage! It’s something I could see myself buying at a regular store and even wearing under a suit to work! Just like the baby pink dress I talk about, it looks exactly like something from Free People and is a fraction of the price! This green dress was also a piece that is perfect for spring and looks brand new!

I hope this post helped you see the easy ways to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe. Be sure to head to my Instagram today for a GIVEAWAY we’re doing with Vintage Tex featuring this bag, scarf, brooch and a $50 gift card! The more friends you share it with the more likely you are to win!

Vintage bag and scarf

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