5 Ingredient Caramel Apple Sangria

Happy SATURDAY! Yep. That’s right. It’s the weekend and I couldn’t resist sharing this delicious Sangria cocktail I whipped up last night because it is PERFECT for this weekend! While my husband and I are still debating on whether or not we’ll go out tonight, I have the ideal drink for those of you that plan on staying in and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

Now I know everyone is all about the pumpkin spice, but I feel like a lot of people forget about the classic caramel apple for this time of year. I decided to take my love for caramel apples and turn it into a cocktail (shocker) because, why not…Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-01-6This 5 Ingredient Caramel Apple Sangria could not be easier to throw together and I’m showing you how to do it with these few easy steps!



1 Bottle of White Wine (I used Pinot Grigio)

1 Bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider (I used a Caramel Apple flavor!)

3-4 Apples

Caramel Topping (I used the Hersheys brand)

Cinnamon Sticks

If you are making this for a party, simply add all of the ingredients in a pitcher. Since I was making this for me and my husband, I used wine glasses.

Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-10-2 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-11-2Drizzle caramel into each glass (I forgot to do this in the first photos- oops!).

Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-57-2 Chop up 2 apples into chunks and place a few chunks in the bottom of each glass.

Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-2 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-5 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-7 Fill glass with Sparkling Apple Cider until it is covering the apples. Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-11Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-13 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-59-14Then add the same amount of wine. *Beware. Making this 5 Ingredient Caramel Apple Sangria may attract attention.*

Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-01-5 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-02-6  Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-02-5Place a cinnamon stick in each glass for a festive garnish and added flavor.

Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-00-2 Caramel-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-04THAT’S IT! Now it’s time to “Drink with your Witches”! I received these cute cups from Happy Cups– aren’t they perfect for Halloween? I also linked some festive and affordable stemless wine glasses!

So now that you have all of the steps to create your 5 Ingredient Caramel Apple Sangria, will you be making it and staying in? or dressing up and going out? IF I go out tonight I will be using this beautiful H&M red lace romper as my costume. I figured by adding a fan I could pass as a Spanish Flamenco dancer, or if I tie some castanets to my hands I can go as the dancing emoji. 🙂 You can shop my entire look via LikeToKnow.it HERE!

Red Lace Romper Jumpsuit

No matter what your plans are, I hope you stay safe and have a wonderful time! Cheers!


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