5 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You know I live for sales and getting the best deals so it’s no surprise I am pretty pumped for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that’s about to commence. If you’re not familiar with this annual sale, don’t worry. I’m going to let you in on everything you need to know so you can be sure to score the best deals.

light blue button down dress

First, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is not like any other sale. Normally sales include items that are either out of season or about to go out of season. This is the opposite. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is actually BRAND-NEW FALL and WINTER items marked down! I know. It’s crazy, yet so exciting at the same time.

The kicker is once the sale is over, those prices go back up to the original retail price… which is exactly why you want to make sure you are prepared to get those must-have jackets, boots, sweaters, coats, etc. at the sale price. Here is some key information to help you maximize the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:


I am not a fan of having multiple credit cards and consider myself pretty financially responsible. But, getting this Nordstrom card a year ago has shown me I made the right choice in getting one. I recommend getting at least the Nordstrom debit card because it’s connected to your bank account as if you’re paying right then and there. If you are fine with having multiple credit cards, go for the Nordstrom credit card! EITHER WAY having a Nordstrom credit or debit card will allow you to get early access to the sale which is CRUCIAL to getting the pieces you want before they sell out (I PROMISE THINGS SELL OUT FAST!). You’ll also get a $20 gift card once you’re approved (free money already) and earn points with every purchase! GET YOUR NORDSTROM CARD HERE!


What do you need? Sure we all have our impulse buy moments but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to pick up those investment pieces you’ll be wearing over and over again. Maybe a new pair of boots? A coat to get you through fall and winter? Are all of your sweaters stretched out with snags all over them? So many items go on sale so it can be overwhelming. Making a list of the top 10 items you “need” for the seasons ahead will help make shopping the sale a lot easier.


We all have those items that we wish we could add to our closet. Maybe it’s a pair of designer jeans or fancy watch or trendy bag. THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE THOSE WISH LIST ITEMS A REALITY! Make a note of those items so you can easily search for them online. You might just find they’re on sale or that something very similar is on sale!


I still love going into stores to try on clothes but I wouldn’t recommend it for this sale. Each store’s inventory will be different and it will most likely be a mad house. I find that shopping online with this sale is so much easier and less stressful. At the end of the day Nordstom has an amazing return policy (plus free shipping and returns!). If something doesn’t work out, you can always exchange or return it hassle-free! Also, if you ever can’t wait for it to ship, you can still order online and choose curbside pickup (provided the item is available near you).


Don’t just think about shopping for yourself. Maybe your significant other needs some new shoes too! Or your mom’s birthday is in a couple of months and that makeup set that’s on sale is perfect for her. Since most everything on sale is for fall and winter, why not pick up a few pieces for family members or friends for Christmas? I know that seems SO far away but when sales are this good, you’ll be happy you checked a few people off the list and got a good deal while doing it!

light blue floral midi dress

After reading these tips I hope you feel better prepared to shop this awesome sale. I will be frequently updating THIS PAGE with new blog posts related to the sale, my favorite sale items broken down by category, what I purchased, etc. Be sure to bookmark that page so you can check back daily throughout the sale for new updates!

You can shop this light blue button-down dress (that’s only $55!) HERE along with the rest of my outfit below.

baublebar layered necklace floral dress with shell clutch lace up wedges turquoise and gold layered necklace light blue tie front dress

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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