Absolut Elyx Perfect Martini

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a private Absolut Elyx Vodka event at Parliament in Dallas. Myself along with my husband and a few friends got the Absolut Elyx experience and learned how to make the “Perfect Martini” using the handcrafted luxury vodka. Before the cocktail creating began we enjoyed a delicious Elyx Garden Gimlet (pictured below) that was beautifully garnished with a thin slice of cucumber. After some chit-chat and a few sips we all sat down to create the simple, yet classic cocktail.

Absolut Elyx Perfect Martini Event Garden Gimlet Absolut Elyx Vodka

The entertaining owner of the bar Parliament, “Lucky”, gave us a thorough history of the Martini before we all grabbed our bar tools and began to create our Perfect Martinis. A little vodka here, a little vermouth there, throw in a peel of lemon, add some ice and stir (not shake!) and you have yourself a Perfect Martini! We were all so proud of ourselves for successfully listening to directions resulting in a pretty decent tasting martini so how did we celebrate? More cocktails! Except this time, the talented guys behind the bar at Parliament made them (using Absolut Elyx Vodka, of course!).

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I had such a great time hosting this event and am looking forward to putting my new, cocktail-making skills to use at home!


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