Becoming Your Best Self: The Kalon Life

SO sorry for the delay, guys! I know I promised this post yesterday but unfortunately, my computer was not cooperating. We are good to go now though and I could not be more excited to tell you about my friend Kami’s health and fitness business, The Kalon Life. I think we can both agree that “getting in shape” or “losing 10 pounds” or any other type of fitness goal is usually at the top of everyone’s resolution list come January 1st each year. Now I am more of a “you shouldn’t need a new year to set a goal” kind of person but I do think there is something liberating about feeling like you have a fresh outlook on what you want to achieve in that year of your life.

Becoming-Your-Best-SelfI played soccer competitively from the age of 4 until I was 21 when I had to retire my boots my senior year of college due to a worsening back injury. It was one of the hardest things I had to do at that point in my life and it still kills me that I am not able to play today. Since leaving soccer, I have struggled with my workout routine. When you are used to being on the field for two-plus hours every day along with a heavy strength and conditioning schedule surrounded by teammates pushing you to be better to then being completely on your own, it’s a tough transition. Playing soccer all those years not to mention majoring in Sports and Exercise Science (I was studying to become a Physical Therapist) and personally training a few people in college myself, I know what I need to be doing. But there is a big difference in knowing what is good for you and actually doing it. Six years later and I am still trying to figure it out.

Becoming-Your-Best-SelfI think the thing I miss the most is having that camaraderie associated with working out. Having that teammate pushing you to run a little bit faster or hold that wall squat just a little bit longer. Pushing you to be your best self. I think we can all use someone to help us become our best self and that is exactly what Kami is doing with The Kalon Life. Kalon means beauty that is more than skin deep and her mission is to help women feel beautiful both inside and out. Kami is more than a personal trainer. Her business includes fitness, nutrition, styling, and even life coaching. I’ve had the pleasure of training with Kami twice now and both times were so much fun while still being a tough workout. After both sessions, I literally could not walk the next day (embarrassing I know). Taylor and I did buddy workouts in a park with her which I highly recommend! As you can see there were multiple buddy exercises incorporated into our workout like high five push-ups and coupled ab exercises like the lying leg throw down. It’s always good to have a partner to make your workout more competitive while also laughing hysterically at each other (oh and to go for coffee and breakfast tacos after too, of course). I also think being outside makes the workout that much more refreshing but with The Kalon Life, the decision is yours on whether you want to train outdoors, in a gym, or even from home. If you are in the Dallas area and looking to make the move to a healthier lifestyle, be sure to visit The Kalon Life today. I promise you will not meet a sweeter person to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

The-Kalon-Life Dallas-Bloggers Dallas-Fitness Becoming-Your-Best-SelfPartner-Ab-WorkoutI hope you enjoyed today’s post! You can shop my outfit and some of my favorite workout gear below to get fashion ready for your workout! 🙂 Have a great day!


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Photos by: Taylor Gardner


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