Chic at Every Age: National Stripes Day

Happy Friday! Today’s Chic at Every Age post is all about stripes and ironically enough, today is National Stripes Day! The funny thing is that we did not plan this! National Stripes Day is actually a made-up holiday by J. Crew we just heard about today. These tops are not from J. Crew but I couldn’t pass up talking about it.

20’s: me // 30’s: Style of Sam // 40’s: So Heather // 50’s: The Middle Page

National Stripes DayNational Stripes Day National Stripes Day National Stripes Day National Stripes Day


I love wearing stripes and feel that they are a classic look that will never go out of style. The girls paired their tops with a pair of jeans but I decided to tuck mine into a vintage pencil skirt from Neiman Marcus. I love tucking tops into skirts and think it is such an easy way to look chic and put together without even trying. It also helps give you an hourglass figure because of the cinched waist a pencil skirt gives. Very flattering for all body types! Shop our stripe tops HERE.

By the way I don’t think I stopped laughing during this entire shoot. These girls are so funny and our photographer, Mary, had us watch a pretty funny (and risque) video while shooting that had us LOL-ing pretty hard. So hard that I couldn’t post a lot of the pictures because my mouth was open so big from my jaw dropping and hysterically laughing. I seriously have to focus when we take pictures together because I can’t stop laughing and sometimes laughing really hard doesn’t translate to the most flattering photos. Ha!

striped top with leather pencil skirt striped bell sleeve top bell sleeve stripe top stripe top with pencil skirt striped bell sleeve top striped bell sleeve top striped top and pencil skirt blogger striped bell sleeve top

Are you celebrating National Stripes Day today? Whose outfit did you like best? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great weekend!

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Photos by: Mary Summers


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