Not Your Childhood Overalls

Overalls. When I think about them my mind instantly takes me back to intermediate school (age 11?) where overalls were the thing to wear. More specifically it takes me back to Homecoming that year with my best girlfriends and how we all wore our overalls over the matching t-shirts we made (most likely with our boyfriends names and football numbers on them) with our obnoxiously large and loud mums that had all of the bells and whistles (literally bells and whistles) hanging off of them. We thought we were so cool. Here we are 15 or so years later and somehow I think overalls are cool again. Just to be clear, the overalls I wore as a kid did not look like this. They were large and baggy and I could have easily passed as a farmer given the right accessories.

white denim skinny overalls trendwhite denim skinny overallswhite denim skinny overalls

These are definitely not your childhood overalls.

I had been seeing the overalls trend pop up everywhere but wasn’t quite sure I wanted to give them a try. When I spotted this pair online at Forever 21, I thought they looked really cute and tailored. I was pleasantly surprised they fit in all of the right areas and after a few different outfit combinations I tried with them that was it. I’d become obsessed with overalls again. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pair them with a handmade t-shirt or pin a mum onto them (although these pins are pretty cute), but you will see me wearing them with a simple tank or off-the-shoulder top underneath. I also like the options Elle Magazine came up with in this article for styling the overalls trend. I obviously couldn’t stop with regular overalls and had to purchase a pair of short overalls. I love this pair from ASOS (you may remember seeing them from Mexico) and think they’re a really great price. I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of these two purchases all summer and love the idea of adding a sweater underneath once it cools down again (it’s Texas so like 5 months from now).

white denim skinny overalls trendwhite denim skinny overalls Black and Gold Watch with gold cuff white denim skinny overalls Dark Blonde balayage white denim skinny overalls white denim skinny overalls Black and Gold Watch with overalls white denim skinny overalls


What are your thoughts on the overalls trend? Love it? Over it? Willing to give it a try?! Leave me a comment to let me know!

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  1. Wednesday, June 8, 2016 / 8:49 am

    I have to confess that I really am not a huge fan of this trend but you are rocking them so maybe you have persuaded me??? Love these!
    The Adored Life

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