Palm Springs Bachelorette Party

Alright, guys. I’m finally breaking down my recent trip to Palm Springs for my friend Amanda’s Bachelorette Party extravaganza. If you or anyone you know is engaged or about to plan a bachelorette party, you may want to share this post with them because this really was the ultimate Palm Springs Bachelorette Party! Here’s a look at what our four-day trip looked like, what I wore, and every vendor we used to make this Palm Springs bachelorette party happen!

DAY 1:

Lynlee and I flew to L.A. together early on Thursday then grabbed the keys to our amazing Lincoln MKZ that got us to Palm Springs (with a pitstop at Inn & Out of course because #LA). Lincoln was kind enough to let us use the car for our entire stay and let me just tell you that is a NICE car. It definitely made coming home to my old Altima rough…

Lincoln MKZ

The 2-hour drive to Palm Springs was painless and incredibly beautiful once you get to the desert. We could have flown into Palm Springs but my brother lives in L.A. and I knew I wanted to spend a day or two with him after the Bachelorette Party.

Lynlee and I were the first to arrive to our insane Homeaway house so we made a grocery store run (after claiming our room, of course) to stock the house with snacks and mixers and plenty of ingredients to cook a spaghetti dinner for everyone that night. Sage and Kristin got there shortly after us and were a huge help in decorating the house with flowers c/o Bouqs and some of the other goodies we received!

palm springs airport attire

Since everyone arrived at different times, we stayed in the first night just catching up and lots of girl talk. ? While I personally couldn’t enjoy any of it, we were supplied with plenty of beverages thanks to Seersucker Gin, Cinco Vodka, Whispering Angel rose and Macauley Vineyards wine.

AMillerO92-32 palm springs bachelorette party decor

Day 2:

Our first full-day in Palm Springs was dedicated to hanging out by the pool and I couldn’t have been happier about it! After a bit of exploring and some girls knocking out a few photoshoots, we changed into our swimsuits and parked ourselves at the pool. We made sure to decorate the house and outdoor area to make it feel festive. Decorations at a bachelorette party are a must and Swoozies definitely hooked us up! They have tons of cute décor from colorful banners to bachelorette party cups and koozies and even the funniest plastic men that you can hang on your cup (they even have names).

palm springs bachelorette party decor

strapless black bikini with kimono


I found this super cute “Cabana Boy” bell and bought it for Amanda because I knew we would be having “Man Servants”. Yes, man servants… I swear they weren’t strippers. You can basically hire guys to come to your party and be your servant. I wasn’t sure what to expect initially but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how nice, normal and respectful they were! They just hung out with us for a few hours at the pool and offered everything from making your drinks to giving you a massage to taking your picture (this was a big one – we were a group of bloggers after all). Let’s just say some girls were really in their element having these guys there and it was hilarious. By the way our backyard had a little putt putt area (so cute!).

putt putt in palm springs

That evening we went out to dinner at Trio that had a great atmosphere and is in a cute part of town (pretty sure all of Palm Springs is cute, though). We headed home after dinner and surprised Amanda with a lingerie shower. We had her play the cutest game where one of the girls had a lengthy list of questions she had asked her fiancée to answer and Amanda had to guess what he said. I think this is such a fun game to play at a bachelorette party that makes the bride feel special and gets a lot of laughs out of everyone!

Show Me Your Mumu Tropical Maxi Dress


Day 3:

Every morning I was one of the first people to get up (I swear I’m not an early riser, I guess this is just what happens when you don’t drink at a bachelorette party). I would make coffee and sit outside on the patio just staring at the view (and skim through Instagram…). The neighborhood we stayed in was so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop. The view combined with the peacefulness outside was so relaxing!

On this day, we headed to the famous Parker Hotel for brunch at Norma’s. If you are planning a Palm Springs bachelorette party please take note: it is really hot in Palm Springs in the summer… depending on the time of day you might not want to sit outside. The food was wonderful at Norma’s but it was too hot to sit on the patio. I think we would have enjoyed it a lot more had we been inside. The hotel itself is beautiful and it seemed like every nook and cranny had some distinctive design aspect to it. Even if you just go for a drink at the bar, it is worth checking out!

denim ruffle dress forever 21


After brunch, it was back to the pool. I’m obsessed with this “pina colada” top and love the striped beach towels Kassatex sent us. I really don’t think I could get tired of hanging out in the pool. We were lucky to be a group of girls who all got along and while a lot of us are different, we still had so much in common and so much to talk about. I think this photo below is a pretty good representation of our unique styles and how much fun we had together…

maternity pool style


How cute is this pink flamingo pool float?! He was my favorite. Funboy definitely hooked us up! I love this off the shoulder suit, too! FYI I got a spray tan before this trip by Simply Glowing. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I highly recommend using them! Their tans always look natural and are never orange!

fashion blogger pink flamingo pool float


That night we had what I think was our best meal of the trip. We ate at a little place called 533 Viet Fusion that had the most incredible variety of springs rolls and thai dishes. We spent quite a bit of time there that night and the service was outstanding. Every dish we ordered was delicious so I don’t think you can go wrong! Definitely add that to your list of places to eat while in Palm Springs!

palms springs bachelorette party bloggers


After dinner, we headed to a karaoke dive bar. For me, things like this during a bachelorette party are a must. You don’t have to go to the fanciest club with expensive bottle service, sometimes it’s more fun to have some beers at a crummy hole in the wall and laugh at your friends singing karaoke.

Day 4:

Sunday was very laid back and you guessed it, spent by the pool. Several of the girls flew back that day but about half of us stayed. We ate a late lunch at a spot down the street called The Draughtsman that had lots of craft beer options and good burgers. We found the cutest ice cream shop across the street which of course we all snapped a photo at. Pretty sure I had ice cream melted all over me (I swear it was 105 degrees there!).

Red striped tee shorts and tennis shoes


We were all sad to check out the next morning and say our goodbyes. A lot of us were from Dallas but some of the girls we only get to see a few times a year. I’ll be sharing a better look at the HomeAway property we stayed at on the blog next week and am happy to answer any questions you have about our stay!

Clearly this Palm Springs bachelorette party was an amazing trip! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or advice if you are planning or attending one soon!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jessica
    Friday, June 2, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Great post! I’m preggo and my dr doesnt want me leaving the country towards the end of my pregnancy which happens to be when my fiancé 30th bday is…I want to take him somewhere (with a bunch of our friends) that he’s never been and am thinking Palm Springs might be a good option? What do you think? Most of his friends are single so they will want to be out a few nights at clubs/lounges-does Palm Springs offer an of that? PS we’re all from NYC ?

    • Natalie
      Tuesday, June 6, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy!! That is so awesome you’re planning a vacation for his b-day and I think you would have a great time in Palm Springs! The only thing is I don’t feel like there are many clubs to go out to… there are definitely bars, lounges, great restaurants, an adorable town but from what I could tell it is not really a club scene… so not sure if his single friends would be disappointed lol If you have a big group I still think you’d have so much fun renting a place like this with a pool that you can party at and the restaurants we went to had a lively atmosphere. Hope that helped!!

      • Jessica
        Tuesday, June 6, 2017 / 9:44 pm

        ? congrats to you as well!! This is super helpful and I really think PS would be a perfect place for his bday and me being preggy!! Thanks so much!

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