Praying for Vegas + Change

I had a post scheduled to go up yesterday about this sweater dress and how I had plans to go to the fair… in light of the horrific attack that happened in Vegas, I held off on sharing it. It just didn’t seem right posting about frivolous things when so many were suffering (a sentence I’ve written before…).

As much as this blog is about me sharing fashion deals with you or how I style something (which I love doing!), I am often torn between sharing my thoughts and feelings in times of tragedy like this or keeping this space as somewhere you can take your mind off of real world issues. After watching footage most of the day yesterday and this morning, I couldn’t not say something.

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These mass shootings are becoming all too “normal” in our world and yet it seems that no action is taken to make change and most people continue with their lives as if nothing happened. I understand for the most part this is how the world works. Your heart genuinely breaks for the lives lost and you send your thoughts and prayers and then you continue with your life. There have been so many tragedies lately with all of the hurricanes, earthquakes and now Vegas. It doesn’t seem to end. While I have donated to those in need from the natural disasters, Vegas is different. Vegas was an act of unfathomable pure evil.

It is always the days following a horrific event like this that it becomes more real. The shock value may wear off a little but the realization sets in that every person that died has a family and a story. When you see the faces of the lives lost and a glimpse into who they were it becomes so much more real and makes you realize it could have been you. It could have been your friend. Your husband. Your dad. Anyone…


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While I personally believe we should be enforcing stricter gun laws in our country, I know you may not feel that same way. I think a lot of people jump to extremes when it comes to gun control and assume anyone in support of stricter gun laws essentially means they want to take Americans guns away all together. For me, this just isn’t true. I don’t own a gun (and don’t plan to) and I don’t hunt (and never will). Does that mean I’m against people who do? Not at all. I believe there are tons of people out there who are responsible gun owners and practice gun safety, take the necessary measures to legally own a gun, etc. Just because I am not choosing that for my life, does not mean I think others who do are wrong. What I have a hard time understanding are things like the opposing of stricter gun laws and the need for semi-automatic or assault-style weapons – why does somebody need that? You need that kind of weapon for self-defense? For hunting? With the amount of gun-related deaths our country experiences every year why are so many against at least addressing that perhaps there are steps we can take to reduce that number?

I will never push my views on you and always welcome your feedback and thoughts no matter the topic. I know this post isn’t something you’re used to seeing here, I just felt the need to say something. There is so much good in the world and even a tragedy like this shows it by the countless heroes that saved lives or sacrificed their own lives to save others. While I pray for change and a safer world for my daughter on the way, I know there is still so much good in the world and I will do everything I can to show her that.

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