Red Carpet Looks for Less: Exclusive Interview with David’s Bridal

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Today is your day… this greenery filled sign is what greets customers as they walk in the door to find the dress of their dreams. And I’m not just talking about that special white one. I had the opportunity to sit down with a David’s Bridal brand expert to discuss how everyday fashionistas can get the red carpet fashion of Hollywood’s leading ladies for a fraction of the cost! We all know those gorgeous red carpet gowns cost thousands of dollars but who knew you could find lookalike gowns at David’s Bridal for much (MUCH!) less?! Take a look at my interview below to learn more and see some of the beautiful gowns offered at David’s Bridal!

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The Fashion Hour: I am so excited to speak with you today to learn how everyday fashionistas can achieve red carpet looks right here at David’s Bridal. Typically when women hear “David’s Bridal”, they think big, white wedding gowns but obviously you have much more to offer. Take me through what the options are for women looking for special occasion dresses.

David’s Bridal: Whether they’re looking for sleek red carpet like Jennifer Aniston. We have dresses from $99 that are jersey, kind of clingy, very streamline with cutouts and go up to about $230 so you’re gonna be able to find anything in anybody’s price point.

Black Illusion Cutout Gown Illusion Beaded Black Gown David's Bridal Black Special Occasion Gowns David's Bridal David's Bridal Black Tie Attire One shoulder Beaded Black Gown

TFH: White seems to be THE color to wear on the red carpet as seen on celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, and Emily blunt at the Golden Globes. With David’s bridal being anything but short of white gowns, what dresses would you recommend for women who want to wear white without looking bridal?

DB: We do have special occasion dresses that we carry in white and ivory. We also have a line that we call our DB Studio line that is more streamline. A lot of girls use it for courthouse weddings if they’re wanting a more simple wedding dress but perfect for the girl who is going to the Prom and wants to look like the red carpet. Also, (she walks to grab a gown) if you think of Salma Hayek (she pulls a dress almost identical to the one Salma wore to the Golden Globes) you can get a gown like that and sass it up. You can order dresses without trains as well. If we are given enough time and someone wants to wear a white gown we can order it without a train.

David's Bridal Red Carpet White Gown White and Gold Cutout Gown White Dress Illusion Neckline with Beading

TFH: What fashion trends are you seeing on the red carpet right now that can be recreated for less at David’s Bridal?

DB: Illusion tops are huge as we all know and pastels are super, super in. We have so many special occasion dresses with the illusion tops and pastels. They start, if you’re looking at long, $99 up to $250.

This dress comes in light blue and looks IDENTICAL to Amy Adams Golden Globes  gown!

This dress comes in light blue and looks IDENTICAL to Amy Adams Golden Globes gown!

TFH: We’ve seen celebrities like Kerry Washington and Sarah Hyland incorporate crop tops into stunning red carpet looks as well as Emma Stone rocking a Lanvin jumpsuit on the red carpet. Is David’s Bridal moving towards offering these trends?

DB: Yes! We do! We even have crop tops and jumpsuits in bridal that we’re bringing out this season as well. Right now they’re special order. We don’t have any in store but they should be coming soon and they are fantastic. So a cute little crop top dress which isn’t for everybody but for the person who wants it is going to look fantastic. And then the CUTEST pantsuit I think I have ever seen is coming.

TFH: When can customers expect to see these trends in store?

DB: We’re hoping this season around February. We can special order but they are unable to try on before which may be a little scary.

TFH: With that being said you do offer alterations in store for any dress purchased. What is your favorite red carpet lookalike gown that David’s Bridal has in store at the moment? You showed us a Salma Hayek lookalike, we saw an almost identical Amal Clooney Golden Globe gown.

DB: My favorite would probably be the cutout Jennifer Aniston gown over there. It is just so classic and only $229 and I mean can you get a better dress for that price point?!

TFH: Now not every shape can wear every type of dress. What is the most flattering silhouette for all body types?

DB: Different body types can wear different types of dresses. If you’re looking for something that is going to be all over universally flattering for everybody then you’ll want to go with an empire or A-line because that’s going to look good across the board. Now, some women think if you are a plus size girl you can’t wear a mermaid gown, but really the key to a good mermaid is a good bust waist hip ratio. So if you look in the mirror and the girls are about the same size as your rear and you have a little dip in, you’re gonna look fantastic in that silhouette as well. So just coming in trying on different dresses to learn your body type or coming and making an appointment your stylist can help you with that. Tell us what your problem area is and we can show you how to work around it.

A display of gowns showing the different silhouette options.

A display of gowns showing the different silhouette options.

TFH: I feel like so many women aren’t sure or don’t know that maybe they’ve been dressing a certain way all the time. So coming in and speaking to one of your stylists could help them and educate them on their options.

DB: Girls are scared to ask but we hear things all day long and we’re used to it and that’s our job. Our job is to make you come in and we’re gonna make you feel fantastic before you leave.

TFH: There’s nothing better than feeling confident in the gown you’re wearing.

DB: Yes! Because then you’ll look fabulous in pictures and won’t be tugging at anything. You’ll feel fabulous!

TFH: Like we see on every red carpet, a dress is not complete without its accessories. The perfect clutch. A simple hair piece. An eye-catching statement necklace. What accessories does David’s Bridal offer to complement a red carpet gown?

DB: We have anything! Anything that you can think of from pearls to bling to mixed media sashes, we have a little bit of all of it. So if you want to look very romantic you want to have a pastel dress and maybe flower accents. We can accommodate that for sure and we can do it within a budget.

David's Bridal Accessories Bridal Encrusted Headbands David's Bridal Beaded Clutch

Bridal Shoe with Diamond Bow

TFH: What price point can customers expect in the accessories department?

DB: The jewelry will start as low as $20 and everything can go up to $200 depending on what you decide on. We have sashes as low as $25 they’re gonna go up to $250 if you’re going for sparkle.You can definitely just tailor it to your price point. Maybe you love a big huge blingy sash but you don’t have $300 lying around to spend on that sash, we have beautiful options for $69 that will look just as perfect.

David's Bridal Black Evening Clutch David's Bridal Statement Jewelry Metallic Studded Clutch Gold Jewelry David's Bridal Jewelry Gold Beaded Clutch David's Bridal

TFH: You showed me earlier that you also have a clearance section for dresses and accessories. Is that available on the website as well?

DB: Yes! The great thing about being in the stores and shopping clearance is you get to try it on but you’ll see there is more online and it is all fabulous. That is my favorite section!

TFH: I am a bargain shopper so I love it too! Is there a specific percentage items are normally marked down to?

DB: It depends what the style is etc. but we have semi-annual sales where there is an additional 50% off accessories clearance and other deals like that. Sales are usually around October and June.

TFH: It is no secret that red carpet gowns cost thousands of dollars. What price point can women expect to see when shopping at David’s bridal for a Hollywood inspired gown?

DB: $99 up to $300 in special occasion. Majority is under $200. If shopping in bridal we do have $99 on occasion and DB Studio around $150. We don’t really top out anywhere over $2,000. So you can find the dress for your dreams under $2,000.

TFH: Considering some of these dresses look like they cost $10,000…

DB: I know! The fabrication is incredible. Everything is hand beaded. This Oleg Cassini dress (she grabs a gorgeous gown with hand appliques), this took 120 hours to make because they hand lay every piece of lace so you are getting that quality that you would find at any designer dress. You’re just getting it at 1/8th of the price. We really try to take that attention to detail and give the best quality product that we can.

David's Bridal Strapless Beaded Gown David's Bridal Beaded Wedding Gown

TFH: What is the key to pulling off a red carpet look?

DB: The attitude! It’s the attitude! It’s all about finding something that you feel fantastic in and looking in that mirror and saying “I look good today!” and then walking out and making sure everyone knows you look good today!

Strapless sequin gown with slit Royal Blue Red Carpet Gown David's Bridal Red Carpet Red Tulle Gown Katie Holmes Red Carpet Gown for Less

Amy Adams lookalike gown Beaded Neckline Gowns Bejeweled tulle red carpet gown for less David's Bridal Gown Color Options

Be sure to visit to find your nearest store and set an appointment with one of their stylists to find your next special occasion dress!

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    • Monday, January 26, 2015 / 5:30 pm

      I know! It took everything in my power NOT to ask to try on wedding dresses after the interview… I couldn’t believe how many beautiful gowns they had!

  2. Monday, January 26, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    Love this post! David’s Bridal has REALLY stepped up their game lately! Awesome for those of us who love looking fab without spending too much!

    • Monday, January 26, 2015 / 6:09 pm

      Thank you so much! I could not agree more! I was so impressed with their selection of dresses. Their inventory has improved so much over the years and still stayed affordable! 🙂

  3. valerybrennan
    Monday, January 26, 2015 / 5:45 pm

    Love this post! David’s Bridal has REALLY stepped up their game lately! Awesome for those of us who love looking fab without spending too much!

    Valery Brennan

  4. Monday, January 26, 2015 / 6:29 pm

    I’m with Stephanie, I’m having MAJOR wedding pangs. Can we all just do a redo and wear more beautiful gowns and shiny baubles? Okay great, sign me up.

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    This is a great post and about 7 years too late. The agony and pain that all of these fabulous gowns weren’t around when I was getting hitched!

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