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TGIF! After being incredibly sick last week, attempting to power through the rewardStyle conference and going back to work this week (still sick), I am READY FOR THE WEEKEND.

I wanted to give you a peek into what the rewardStyle conference weekend looked like (you may remember the post I did on #rStheCon last year) and share the outfits I wore. I unfortunately had to miss the first day which included a check-in reception and then a pool party with Sole Society (I could not bring myself to get off the couch and was just feeling too sick!). If I had attended the party, I probably would have worn this fun off-the-shoulder dress OR this incredibly comfortable/perfect for vacation jumpsuit pictured below.

off the shoulder striped jumpsuit from revolve red and white stripe jumpsuit off the shoulder striped jumpsuit


I managed to get myself up and look somewhat presentable for the first full day of speakers and classes (HUGE thank you to Simply Glowing for giving me a last-minute spray tan – I’m convinced it helped cover up how sick I was ha). The morning was full of speakers ranging from rewardStyle employees speaking about the company’s growth, future, etc. to business owners like the incredible ladies of Bumble. Blogger or not, it would have been hard to sit in that room for 3 hours and not be inspired.

rewardstyle conference 2017

After the speakers we walked to hamburger heaven A.K.A. Shake Shack. Banana Republic sponsored the picnic style lunch and it definitely hit the spot after only having soup and crackers as my main meals the last few days. Side note: they brought out frozen custard and the flavor mudpie (maybe it was mudslide? Something along those lines…) was so delicious. I actually want to go to Shake Shack right now just thinking about it. And obviously get a cheeseburger and fries, too… oh and I totally grabbed a burger AND a chicken sandwich. #dontjudge

banana republic and shake shack

After lunch I had 3 hours of classes to attend which I found very helpful and of course, inspiring. When you are surrounded by 200+ successful women who have built careers based on their passions along with a staff of employees and speakers teaching and guiding you on how to improve in your field, you can’t help but feel motivated and driven to work that much harder.

I wore a blue and white gingham jumpsuit that has a t-shirt attached to it and the prettiest tied back. It was so comfortable to wear all day and so perfect for the picnic!

rewardstyle conference 2017 gingham blue and white jumpsuit gingham blue and white jumpsuit


Once my last class ended I headed to my girl Lynlee’s house to get ready for the cocktail party Bumble was putting on. I wore one of the most beautiful white dresses I have ever seen thanks to Shopbop and DVF. This dress is obviously more expensive than my usual dress purchase but I could not pass up the opportunity to wear this beauty for a special occasion! If you are engaged or have any friends that are engaged, I feel like it would make such a good rehearsal dinner dress!

white dvf dress

Day 2

Thankfully on the last day I was able to sleep in a bit before I attended my brand meetings. I had the opportunity to meet with some really wonderful brands that I already feature here on the blog as well as be introduced to some new ones! After a few meetings Topshop provided the most beautiful, floral-filled lunch in the courtyard at the Crescent. The floral arrangements were to die for (I seriously felt like I was at a wedding) and the food was perfect. Quinoa salad, creamy chicken, grilled salmon… it was so good. Not to mention they had some of the coolest menus I had ever seen. They were hard and clear but placed over a colored napkin. So creative! I wore a chambray jumpsuit and my favorite wedges.

pond full of flowers and pretty shoes topshop lunch at the crescent dallas topshop lunch at the crescent dallas chambray jumpsuit floral wall

After a run home to lay on the couch for as long as possible, I quickly got ready for the finale party. I of course waited until the last-minute to find something to wear and ordered this dress that unfortunately did not do it for me, so I ended up wearing an old Express jumpsuit that I still love (IDENTICAL ONE HERE). I paired the jumpsuit with these amazing tassel earrings and put my hair up in a little top knot and pony tail to spice things up a little. *These earrings are beautiful but if you don’t want to spend the $$ check out my girl Jaclyn’s DIY tutorial on how to make them yourself! finale party dallas

Me and a couple of my favs: Lynlee from Gal About Town (my twin for the night) and Christina from Fashion & Frills!

black tassel earrings misa

The rewardStyle conference finale party was incredible and I only wish I could have stayed and danced all night (I hung in there for a while though!). I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the rewardStyle conference again and continue to be blown away at the work they do. I can’t wait to bring even more to The Fashion Hour and have some exciting news coming soon. Be sure to check back here on Monday for the big news! 🙂

Have a great weekend and THANK YOU for reading!

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