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The last (and longest) leg of our trip in Mexico was in the Riviera Maya. We spent five nights at the all-inclusive Secrets Maroma Beach hotel for the President’s Club trip I was awarded through my job as a Sales Executive. I was so impressed with the beaches here as well as our overall stay. Here’s a look at what to expect if you stay here along with some highlights from our trip!

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Secrets Maroma BeachSecrets Maroma Beach



My husband and I spent every single day by the beach. There are numerous tiki huts spread out along the beach as well as some swinging cabanas you can rent. The sugar sand is like powder and the water crystal clear. My husband and I even got up to run along the beach one morning and I loved that there were not any neighboring hotels, just palm trees for a couple of miles until you got to the marina. I highly recommend walking along the beach to explore! As soon as you get into the water you’ll find that there are fish swimming around you. At one point my husband was holding me in the water and I spotted a very large silver fish right next to us. It caught him so off guard he THREW me to try to run away while letting out a few profanities in Hebrew. I could not breathe I was laughing so hard in the moment but let’s just say thank God it wasn’t a shark…

It was very refreshing to see there was very little seaweed and zero trash at the beach. The staff there was constantly picking up after people and provided exceptional service. Our waiter was constantly checking on us to make sure we had everything we needed. He’d refill the ice bucket without us asking, bring us waters, offer food… all done with the biggest smile. We could not have been happier with the service. Secrets Maroma Beach Secrets Maroma Beach Secrets Maroma Beach

Secrets Maroma BeachTulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6713 Secrets Maroma BeachSecrets Maroma BeachSecrets Maroma BeachTulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6920



All day and night, Secrets Maroma Beach provides free activities and entertainment. From water aerobics classes to spanish classes to sand volleyball and soccer to even a real life, adult version of Angry Birds! They literally stacked boxes and places giant angry birds on top and then had guests catapult a giant ball to try to knock the birds off. They have the usual water sports available like kayaking, snorkeling, sailing and wind surfing but we ended up paying to go out on a boat further into the ocean to snorkel which was well worth the money. We were SURROUNDED by colorful fish straight out of a Discovery channel show. Literally little Nemo’s and Dori’s everywhere along with countless other vibrant fish (I wish I had taken a go Pro to be able to show you!). I ditched my life jacket and snorkel at one point to dive down about ten feet with the instructor to look in an old statue where the most unique baby fish were hanging out. Moments like these always blow me away with the beauty in this world and remind me how special the ocean really is.

One of my favorite activities at the resort was the fact that they had ping-pong tables and hammocks set up in water. There are 13 pools scattered throughout the resort and one of the areas has one only about ankle-deep where you can play ping-pong or lay in a hammock. There is also a mini golf course (equipped with drink holders at each hole), a pool table and darts. Every night there was a different show either at the pool or in their open-air theatre. While we were there they had a cirque du soleil show at the pool, a Beatles tribute band and rock show at the theatre. There is also a “night club” we ended up at most nights.



There are seven gourmet restaurants at Secrets Maroma Beach along with a buffet, a cafe, and 24/7 room service. We did not even come close to trying all of the restaurants but we thoroughly enjoyed the ones we did try with our favorite being the French restaurant and of course, the breakfast buffet. I mean is there really anything better than a Mexican breakfast buffet? Fresh fruit, pastries, chilaquiles, made to order crepes, etc. You may say every omelet station is the same but I swear they prepared the best omelet I’ve ever had (I think it’s the cheese they use). They even had a fresh juice bar where they were making smoothies and pressed juices. I always felt a little better about myself having fresh juice with my mountain of food every morning… They set up a grill by the pool every day where they grilled meat and served hamburgers along with tons of other food. On Friday they had a full-blown parade of waiters come out dressed up with sliced mango on sticks, mini hamburgers, cups of guacamole, and more, where they marched through the pools and handed it out to guests. I thought it was such a special touch and it created such a fun environment.



My past experiences with all-inclusive hotels has been that the mixed-drinks are lacking… like the alcohol is somehow different (if you have any insight into this, please leave me a comment and tell me!). I thought the drinks here were wonderful. I mainly stuck to drinking Pacifico but indulged in the occasional frozen beverage every now and then. They had a huge selection of top-shelf spirits (trust me, I tried a few) and one day our waiter on the beach even brought me my pina colada in a pineapple! The swings at the bar (while they proved to be a bit dangerous for me) were such a great touch and screamed vacation. It’s the little things, people.

Tulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6785 Tulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6453Coconuts-TeeTulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6568 Pacifico Beer



We stayed in a junior suite with an ocean view and balcony. The rooms are not the most modern but they’re not outdated either. The bed was extremely comfortable and the view from the room was stunning. We had an issue with our shower when we first got there and they fixed it immediately! You have a dedicated concierge who makes sure you are taken care of at all times and even fills your mini fridge with exactly what you want i.e. takes out the majority of sodas and fills it with beer (not saying we did this but they would accommodate it if you asked…) Secrets Maroma Beach Maroma-Beach-Mexico-Travel-Blog-1431 Tulum-Mexico-Travel-Guide-6450Off the shoulder crochet romperSecrets Maroma Beach

Overall I would highly recommend staying at this resort. If it wasn’t for making President’s Club, I probably would have never looked into Maroma Beach but I am so glad I had the opportunity to stay there! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about staying at Secrets Maroma Beach and if you want the outfit details to any of my photos just click the links I placed under them. If you don’t see the link to something feel free to shoot me an email at! 🙂

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