The Standard Pour Dallas: Far from Standard

I have walked past The Standard Pour many times when on my way to other bars in Uptown and never ventured in. Why? I have no idea. Luckily this last week that changed when our previous plans fell through and we decided to walk over to check out their happy hour menu and see what this place is all about. When I walked in I did not feel like I was in Uptown anymore. It had a 1920’s vibe going on with vintage couches used as seating for some of their main tables, candle lights everywhere and an amazing display of liquors that lined the back wall of the bar. There were a few things that won me over within the first 15 minutes of being there.

1. We were greeted with small glasses of rum sangria before our order was even taken (immediately fell in love).
2. The waitresses were in head to toe denim (doesn’t get much cooler).
3. They had music playing in the background but it was low so you could actually have a conversation with the people at your table (I feel like many places in uptown have obnoxiously loud music even when their place is empty at 5:00 in the afternoon).

The Standard Pour Dallas Sangria The Standard Pour Dallas Happy Hour The Standard Pour Dallas Patio

Most importantly, the drinks were delicious and the service was great. We had their Moscow Mule, Gin Gimlet, and Cuba Libre (had to order the Cuba Libre, I’m Cuban after all!). The Standard Pour’s Moscow Mule has to be the best one I’ve had in Dallas. They use Tito’s Handmade Vodka (my personal favorite), lime juice, and ginger beer. So simple and so good. The Gin Gimlet and Cuba Libre were also great but if cocktails are not your thing, they have an enormous selection of beer, whiskey, gin, etc. that we explored after happy hour.

The Standard Pour Dallas Happy Hour Drinks

Of their Happy Hour “Standard Fare” we ordered the fried chicken strips with pommes frites, Guinness chips, and squash puppies. The Guinness chips are INCREDIBLE! Fresh potato chips covered in Guinness cheddar and scallions- a definite must-order menu item. I loved the display of the chicken strips and pommes frites in the steel bowl and mini fryer. I was really excited about the squash puppies because I love squash and every vegetable is better fried… or even better turned into a hush puppy and served with butter (double whammy). They were good, but not life changing. All of the other choices looked amazing so I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

The Standard Pour Dallas Guinness Chips The Standard Pour Dallas Squash Puppies The Standard Pour Dallas Chicken Strips

Overall The Standard Pour has a great vibe whether you’re grabbing a drink after work or going out on the weekend (by the time we left the place was completely packed including the outdoor patio!). I am definitely looking forward to going back to try other items on their happy hour menu and test out their brunch served on the weekend from 11am-4pm!

Let me know what you think!

The Standard Pour
2900 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
Happy Hour is 4pm-6pm M-F

$5.00 Cocktails include: Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Cuba Libre, Je T’aime Paris, Daiquiri, Gin Gimlet “Standard Fare” Chicken Strips $11, Edamame $5, Blue Chips $5, Guinness Chips $5, Squash Puppies $6, Chicken Risotto Croquettes $6, Pastrami Bites $8, Lobster Nachos $14

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