The Keg Steakhouse and Bar Las Colinas

Last night my husband and I went to The Keg in Las Colinas. We have been living in Las Colinas a little over three years now so we have checked out The Keg a time or two in the past. I have to say last night was the best experience we’ve had (and the times before that were great too!). The Keg’s cozy, rustic vibe seemed like the perfect setting for that evening’s dark and rainy weather. As we entered the restaurant we were led to the very large bar area where we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of people there. Antler chandeliers hung from the ceiling and candle lights were placed on each table. The interior was full of seating areas ranging from high top tables to comfortable, leather chairs surrounding a fireplace. The happy hour crowd ranged from after work employees meeting for a drink to couples enjoying a date night. There were even a couple of parties being held there that night. Several flat screens were spread through the bar and lounge area playing the various games that night and lite rock music was on in the background.

The Keg Las Colinas

Once seated we were immediately greeted by our waitress who was GREAT along with some of their homemade chips (also great and FREE). I ordered the Orange Slice Martini ($5) and my husband had a Shiner ($3). The Orange Slice Martini was delicious. The ingredients included Absolut Mandarin, Triple Sec, fresh lemon and orange juice, and a splash of soda shaken then poured into a sugar rimmed glass. Highly recommend! The beer has got to be one of the best deals in town. 22 oz. of Miller, Coors, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada, or Shiner for only $3?? I have yet to find a place that can beat that price. And if you have found one, please let me know!

The Keg Las Colinas Happy Hour Orange Slice MartiniTheKegLasColinasChipsThe Keg Las Colinas Happy Hour

As the night went on we enjoyed some of their “Snacks” and “Shares” on their Cocktail Hour menu. We started with the Baked Goat Cheese ($4) which was by far my favorite. The warm goat cheese was coated in crushed almonds and served with a tomato basil salsa. Yum! The Baked Garlic Shrimp ($4) came in a bowl cooked in garlic and herbs covered with jack and cheddar cheeses. Lastly we had the Keg Sliders ($7). Three mini burgers are served three different ways- Swiss, Keg BBQ sauce, and bleu cheese sauce. What’s the best part of this dish? The little onion strings they place on the side of the plate that give your slider a crunch!

The Keg Las Colinas Goat CheeseThe Keg Las Colinas Happy Hour Shrimp

To top it all off I ordered the Keg Margarita ($5). You could tell by the crisp taste they used fresh lime juice and agave nectar.

The Keg Las Colinas Keg Margarita

Overall it was a highly enjoyable happy hour that I would definitely go back to again!

The Keg Las Colinas Cocktail Hour

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar Cocktail Hour

Monday-Friday from 4:00-7:00pm

Available in the bar only. Dine in only.


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