Travel Diary: Birthday in Spain

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great week! I have several exciting fashion collaborations coming to the blog soon that I can’t wait to share, but in today’s post I am sharing my second Travel Diary from Spain all about my birthday!

I was lucky enough to spend my birthday this year in Madrid AND Barcelona. If you read my first Spain travel diary about Madrid, you know the night before my birthday ended with my husband and I enjoying gin and tonics at the casino next door to our hotel. After a good night’s sleep my birthday festivities began with my husband waking me up with a cup of cafe con leche and a chocolate croissant. Materialistic things from your spouse on your birthday can be nice but making the effort to get up and go get me coffee and a pastry before I woke up means so much more to me. If little things like that make me happy you can imagine how I felt when we walked downstairs to this display he set up…


Needless to say it was a great start to my morning. 🙂 Once we snapped a few photos for this Sears Denim post, we were headed to the train station for our ride to Barcelona!

Once we got settled into our new hotel room at the Gran Hotel Havana Silken, I threw on my birthday suit (romper really) and we hit the ground running! We started our day exploring part of the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas. The amount of people in the streets was insane! There was some sort of festival going on next to the Catedral de Barcelona (Barcelona Cathedral) we hung out at for a bit before walking the streets of Las Ramblas.

Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7593 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7594 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7576 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7567

A downpour came out of nowhere causing a convenient detour for tapas and a bottle of Rosé! Little did I know my husband planned for us to visit Montjuic (which translates to Jew Mountain) which is kind of funny since my husband is Jewish but that is besides the point. It turns out that not only is it a gorgeous place to visit in Spain, they have a water fountain show once the sun goes down that you can view from atop the mountain. The sky we experienced that evening is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The water show was nice but being able to experience that view from the top of the mountain with my husband under an umbrella (and sangria in hand) was perfect.

Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7606 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7616 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7629 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7622 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7637 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7639 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7641 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7642 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7650 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7647

Once the show was over we enjoyed wine and paella at a beautiful restaurant on the top floor of a building…

Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7659 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7661

Before we arrived back to our hotel we made a pit stop at the coolest bar nearby for an obligatory birthday shot (my husband requires it every year… don’t judge) to toast the year. It was the perfect day and perfect end to my birthday!

Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7677 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7678 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7681 Spain-Travel-Blog-The-Fashion-Hour-7684

Romper from H&M (only $10!!) Love this MNG by Mango one too!

What’s your ideal way to spend your birthday? Traveling? At the spa? Leave me a comment and let me know! Stay tuned for a new fashion post on Friday featuring TWO looks from a lot of people’s favorite store! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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