Travel Diary: LA Part 1

Hi guys! As promised I am recapping my recent trip to L.A. (long overdue, I know)! As I was putting this post together I realized we did A LOT while in L.A. and since I want to tell you everything, I decided to break it up into more than one post.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@natalie_keinan) and Snapchat (@thefashionhour), you know I flew to L.A. to visit my brother with my husband a few weeks ago. This was my first time visiting Los Angeles and the trip went by way too fast (it always does), but we managed to do quite a bit while there. Here is a little recap of our long weekend and a few spots I recommend checking out!

DAY 1:

Our flight landed at 8am which was prime traffic time so we grabbed a latte at Culver’s Coffee and headed to the beach at Marina del Rey (thanks for the recommendation Becca!) in order to kill some time.

LA Travel Guide

Beachside coffee and bagel

After sipping our coffees and digging our toes in the sand for a bit we headed east towards my brother’s apartment to drop off our stuff. We were starving at this point so we went to a little place off Sunset Blvd. called Pine & Crane where we enjoyed some great Thai food and a few beers. Lucky for us they were celebrating an anniversary so the beers were only $1! Overall it is a very casual spot with affordable prices perfect for sharing a few entrees with friends. Side note: we sat next to Rob Corddry (he’s been in a lot of movies, you might know him from Hot Tub Time Machine) which was kind of cool. 🙂

Pine and Crane LA

Once we were done eating, my husband and I took off towards Hollywood Boulevard since we had tickets to The Jimmy Kimmel show! Seeing everything that goes into a show like this and how much of a production it is was very fascinating. It really makes you appreciate the show that much more. The studio is WAY smaller than you’d think and definitely not as glamorous as you might think. Bill Murray was the main guest that day so it was very cool to see him live.

We walked over to Grahmin’s theatre to see all of the stars and handprints #tourist before heading back to my brother’s apartment. Quentin Tarantino’s prints were definitely my favorite because he used the boots from Kill Bill when he did his footprints. I’ll let you try and read it for yourself…

Quentin Tarantino Footprint

DAY 2:

On Friday we headed to downtown L.A. to check out the Grand Central Market. It is similar to the Boqueria in Spain and it is a can’t-miss spot on your next trip to L.A.! We grabbed an almond milk latte at G&B Coffee (when in L.A…) to drink while we walked around to check out all of the different vendors. The Grand Central Market is also the home to Eggslut, the place where you can stand in a line wrapped around the market to eat an incredibly delicious gourmet egg sandwich (and be totally okay with it). If you’re an egg lover, or even just a breakfast sandwich lover, you have to try it.

Henri Bendel Brown Bucket Bag Eggslut LA

Eggslut LA breakfast

After eating we drove to Malibu where we visited the Malibu Winery. It might be the cutest little winery I’ve ever been to!

Malibu Winery Malibu Winery Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9564 Malibu Winery

Malibu is such a beautiful area to begin with, so just imagine being up on a hill secluded with views of the mountains and a glass of wine in your hand. We did the Saddlerock Flight tasting and the Gewurztraminer was so good we bought a bottle of it to enjoy at the top of the winery (seriously stunning views). One of the great things about this winery is that you can bring in your own food and have a little picnic with your wine! We grabbed some sandwiches and a bag of Sriacha Cheese Puffs (so good) from a bakery at the Grand Central Market earlier to nosh on while sipping on our wine. It was such a peaceful and quiet place that I seriously could have stayed at all day. Plus they have this little market when you first walk in that could not be cuter. I literally wanted to buy everything. And it wasn’t a souvenir shop or your typical boutique knick-knacks, everything was extremely unique and clever. You can see how this could be a problem after a few tastings…


My brother, Dustin, in red and my husband, Itamar, in white

Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9573 Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9580 Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9598 Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9609 Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9615

This little pickup truck was at the winery and in my favorite color! Just another adorable touch.

Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9630 Travel-Blogger-The-Fashion-Hour-9642

After the winery we spent some time at the beach and took in all of the gorgeousness around us. After hanging out for a little bit we spotted a seal sunbathing on the sand! It was so beautiful! We walked over a little closer (not too close as we didn’t want to disturb him or make him feel threatened – they’ve got some big teeth!) and before we knew it there was a beach patrol crew coming out with a giant net and cage to take him away. I know they were probably helping take him to safety but it was heartbreaking to watch!

Malibu Beach Travel

I’ll be sharing details on the next few days of our trip on the blog very soon! I’m getting ready to head out on my next adventure to Mexico this weekend so be sure you’re following me on Instagram (@natalie_keinan) and Snapchat (@thefashionhour) to keep up with me!

Thank you for reading!


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