#BUMPLIFE: Maternity Pajamas + 37 Week Bumpdate

Oh baby is right. I’m a little over 37 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Ok, I’m lying. A LOT overwhelmed. I have been so laid back the majority of this pregnancy but all of a sudden the anxiety is really starting to set in.

maternity pajamas maternity pajamas

I have been experiencing a lot of contractions over the last week or two (Braxton Hicks) but it was only tonight that I felt a wave of anxiety hit. Everything went well at our 37 week appointment on Tuesday and the doctor let me know I was dilated to a 1! Some women stay at a zero until it’s go-time and some dilate gradually and then all of a sudden hit a wall. I’m obviously not a doctor but I don’t think there is necessarily any rhyme or reason to it. Every body is different and every pregnancy and labor is different. But the fact that I was dilated AT ALL was a bit of a reality-check for me that this little girl could come at any time!

We have so many things on our list that need to get “done” before baby. I think the fact that I’m realizing a lot of them probably won’t happen is giving me anxiety. I’ve been cruising along feeling like I still had so much time to wrap things up at work, finish my thank you cards from my baby shower, shoot and work on campaigns, put together the nursery, read all of my baby books, buy a new car, buy other “baby things” we had on our list, pack my hospital bag, etc. and only today it’s hitting me that there’s a lot that probably won’t get done. I know no matter what happens it will all be ok and is happening the way it’s supposed to.

I’m taking today and tomorrow off from work so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish a good chunk in the next 48 hours! But enough about all that, let’s talk maternity pajamas…


maternity pajamas maternity pajamas maternity pajamas maternity pajamas maternity pajamas


Maternity pajamas are a must once you hit the third trimester. I have tried to throw on old tank tops and they just don’t cover my belly. Not cute. I quickly realized I should probably buy a few sets of maternity pajamas to avoid getting frustrated every night I change clothes. There are surprisingly a lot of options out there for maternity pajamas but my favorites I found at ASOS! The “Oh Baby” sleep tee I’m wearing in this post is from ASOS and only $29. The lace pajama set I’m wearing in this #bumplife post is also from ASOS. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites below. Just click on the image and it should take you directly to the maternity pajamas! As always feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or need help!

Maternity Pajamas

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    • Natalie
      Sunday, October 8, 2017 / 11:03 pm

      Aww and I am so excited for you!! I am so glad you find my posts helpful and I can’t wait to follow your journey through pregnancy! We have to get together soon!!

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