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Happy Friday! First let me say thank you SO MUCH to everyone who either commented, emailed or messaged me after my post earlier this week about the mixed emotions I’m having about leaving Mila to go back to work. I feel so lucky to have nice people like you reading my blog! Today’s post is a bit of a gear change focusing on workout attire. This girl definitely needs to get her butt in gear soon because I have not gotten back into a regular workout routine!

workout attire at any age workout attire at any ageworkout attire at any age

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I am 3 weeks postpartum and have been sporadically doing the elliptical but not much else. Some lunges here, squats there. A few push-ups. Nothing too intense or consistent. I ran Leo around the block last week and was sore in my shins and ankles the next day. Shins and ankles… I feel like I have to be in pretty poor shape to be sore in those areas! That surprising soreness made me realize it’s time to snap out of it and start putting in some work. It’s a lot easier said than done but I find that a good set of workout attire always gives me a little nudge.

Don’t you feel like a cute outfit makes you workout a little harder? I was gifted this set from Sweaty Betty and the leggings make me feel great and make me want to do lunges! Basically they hug in all the right places and don’t show any bulges. I know I totally look like I’m ready to hit the slopes (I wish I was) but the quality of these pieces are so good and perfect for any workout. While I don’t run in these New Balance sneakers, I have been wearing them nonstop to run errands. They’re such a good shoe to have for casual outfits and I can’t believe it took me so long to get a pair!

sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire sweaty Betty workout attire

Funny story about this picture below… I told the photographer (Marrica) that I felt like I should do some sort of “exercise pose” so I started doing lunges. After about five seconds she was like, “you may want to take a look at these, not sure you’re going to want to take anymore like that” lol! I started laughing so hard. I mean, tell me how you really feel! 😂I had to include one of the pictures because of it and honestly it’s not that bad, right? 😂

sweaty Betty workout attire

I’ll keep you posted on my workouts! I know several new moms were wanting details on my nutrition and workouts after baby so I will try to do an update next month!

Thanks for reading!

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