Kentucky Derby Style + Seersucker Gin Julep Recipe

The Kentucky Derby is known to be the most legendary horse race dating all the way back to 1875. While this famously southern event is technically a two-minute horse race, the occasion itself is grand and over-the-top with men and women flying in from all over to attend. If you’re like me, you associate Kentucky Derby style with big hats and mint juleps. While sporting an obnoxiously large hat may not be your first style choice, having something on your head when attending this event is a must along with a mint julep in hand!

kentucky derby style seersucker gin julep recipe

Mint juleps are the signature cocktail of the Kentucky Derby so today me and my girl Lynlee from Gal About Town are partnering with Seersucker Gin to whip up an easy cocktail for you to make! There are countless variations of mint juleps that you can create but we are sticking to a classic version and using gin in this recipe (although I think a splash of sweet tea would be delicious and give an extra southern twist to it!). Here is the Seersucker Gin Julep recipe:

Seersucker Gin Julep Recipe

-2 ounces Seersucker Gin

-2 ounces club soda

-a few sprigs of mint (use a few in the cocktail and 1 to garnish)

-2 teaspoons maple syrup (you can also use a simple syrup or honey)

-1 cup of crushed ice (we used Sonic ice because it looks so much better!)

*Optional: add a splash of flavor like sweet tea, lemonade or even a strawberry simple syrup! Seersucker naturally has a zesty, light lemon flavor so there is no need to add flavor if you want to keep it simple!


seersucker gin julep recipe seersucker gin julep recipeseersucker gin julep recipeseersucker gin julep recipe

Kentucky Derby style is not complete without the perfect dress and clearly me and Lynlee are loving gingham. It is such a fun, summery pattern to wear that is very southern and perfect for the Kentucky Derby. I love the fit of my dropped hem dress in red check and instead of going with your typical Derby hat or fascinator (I just couldn’t do it…), I put on my favorite Panama Hat for a more casual Kentucky Derby party look. Lynlee went for it with her hot pink floppy hat that screams Kentucky Derby style and I adore her black and white gingham dress. You can shop our looks along with a few other Kentucky Derby style ideas below!

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Kentucky Derby Style

Dress Options:

Hat Options:

What do you think of our Kentucky Derby style? Will you be hosting or attending any Derby parties? If you do, be sure to grab a bottle of Seersucker Gin so you can make this gin julep recipe! Plus the bottle’s packaging couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! 🙂

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