Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

Let’s be real y’all. I LOVE me some chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I feel like baking, it’s my go-to treat to make. I’m not sure if it’s because I have so many memories of my mom and I making chocolate chip cookies growing up and my brother and I always making ourselves borderline sick from eating the dough, or the fact that I just really like cookies.

Since I’m back at work now and needing to keep my supply up (I’m exclusively breastfeeding Mila), I figured I should take some steps to making sure that happens. I always try to eat small meals and snacks frequently, drink TONS of water, etc., but I felt I needed to do more.

I had heard of lactation cookies and have even seen little bags of them sold in Target for a ridiculous $5.99 (we’re talking a single serve size bag here). I bought them to try (they were pretty good!), but knew it was kind of ridiculous to spend that kind of money on cookies on a daily basis. So I decided to take these milk matters into my own hands…

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After some googling and browsing Pinterest, I came across several recipes and noticed the most important “milk-making” ingredients are brewers yeast, flaxseed and rolled oats. I purchased flaxseed meal and organic rolled oats from Whole Foods but had to go to The Vitamin Shoppe for Brewers Yeast (you can also order it on Amazon!). I decided to kind of combine a few recipes I saw and the cookies ended up turning out delicious! Not only did they taste great but they WORKED. No lie. I noticed a difference in my milk production within 48 HOURS! I honestly couldn’t believe it. It is hard to say if these cookies are solely the reason why my milk production increased but I truly think it is. It’s the only change I made and I feel like the days I eat them I produce more.

By the way even if you are not a breastfeeding mama, you can eat these cookies! I made Ita try them and right before he took a bite I told him he might start lactating lol. Obviously that is not true but if you want to give your husband a quick scare and yourself a good laugh, say it. 😆

Now for the recipe! I went ahead and created a FREE printable in case you’d like to print it out while baking. I use my phone sometimes while baking and it ends up with flour or butter on it so I should probably start printing recipes out myself lol.

Scroll down for the recipe!

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oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe



By the way this makes quite a few cookies so I recommend freezing half of the dough so you can use it later! I got carried away and baked them all then realized I was the only one eating them and had WAY too many cookies on my hands… 😬 You could also easily sub the chocolate chips for raisins which would be delicious! If you add the toasted coconut (I used an organic gluten free one), just use a little. I feel like adding too much could make the cookies dry!

Let me know if you have any questions at all about this recipe! And if you make it, please come back here and comment to let me know what you thought of it! I hope it works for you! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you don’t already. I love saving recipes, outfits, etc. there and love getting inspired like I did to experiment with these cookies!

To all my breastfeeding mamas out there, what do you feel like helped keep your supply up? I would love if you commented with any tips you have!

Thanks for reading!

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